As an experienced conference interpreter in German, English and French, I ensure smooth communication across language boundaries.
Do you need assistance with organising an interpreter service for your international on-site events or multilingual video conferences?

I am happy to help you


  • Childhood in the UK
  • Abitur in Germany
  • University in Germany, UK and Belgium
  • Diplom degree in interpreting
  • Former staff interpreter at the German Federal Foreign Office
  • Freelance conference interpreter since 2000
  • Sworn interpreter and authorised translator for courts and notaries in Berlin
  • Member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters AIIC, the German Association of Conference Interpreters VKD and the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators BDÜ

Specialist fields

I interpret mainly in the following fields:

  • Politics
  • Medicine and pharmacy
  • Media
  • Transport and traffic
  • Architecture and urban development
  • Energy

Please contact me for an up-to-date list of conferences where I have been involved.


Are you planning an event with international participants involving several languages?
I can gladly advise you on the right type of interpreting that you need:

Simultaneous interpreting

During simultaneous interpreting, the interpreters work in a soundproof booth and speak at the same time as the speaker. Listeners hear the interpretation via headphones and can follow the event in real-time. Simultaneous interpreters always work in a team of at least two.

Remote interpreting

Remote interpreting is used for multilingual video conferences or online events. The interpreters work from an interpreting hub equipped with professional conference technology or on site with the customer.

Consecutive interpreting

For consecutive interpreting the interpreter speaks after the speaker has spoken without using technical equipment. This type of interpreting takes about twice as long as simultaneous interpreting. It is used mainly for official occasions such as addresses or dinner speeches and meetings on a smaller scale, and usually only for one language combination.


I can gladly assist you with your international projects and offer a full range of interpreting services.
Please contact me for advice about putting a team of interpreters together for your international event. I can also be of assistance when it comes to choosing the right interpreting equipment – for smooth communication.

Interpreter teams

My extensive career experience gives me access to a network of professional colleagues. I can gladly help you assemble a team of interpreters to meet your requirements. Besides the interpreters’ working languages, it is important that they specialise in the respective field for your event – so you understand more!

Interpreting equipment

I can also be of assistance in choosing the necessary technical equipment. On request, I can recommend professional conference equipment providers whom I have worked with for many years.